What is Snapytogether?

Snapytogether is a place where to find new people on SnapChat and be found too . It lets you organize, search and keep track of all your Snapchat friends. You can: Search for friends based on categories. Search for friends based on spoken language, country and age range. Search for friends based on their Snapchat username or display name. View their Signature and social links Be found by other.. You can give and receive likes .. You can suggest display names, spoken language, location and age of Snapchat codes that are still public in system to help others find what they want.

What does it cost to use it?

There is no cost to use Snapytogether.com

Do you have to register to use it?

Yes, in order to use SnapyTogether.com you should have an account in Snapchat first then register your Snapchat username on SnapyTogether.com/ADD MY SNAPCHAT USERNAME

Will Snapytogether ever charge for any services?

Yes, but those will be premium services which will be free for a while. For example, there will be metrics available such as: How many impressions and clicks did you get on your snapcode How many clicks did you get on your social media links How many people have marked you as friend How many gave you likes List of snapcodes who gave you likes (if they marked that info public) List of snapcodes who marked you as friend (if they marked that info public) List of users who clicked on your social links (if they marked that info public) Other metrics will be available too and free accounts will have access to a subset of that

I would like to get featured. Do you have a category for X or Ys?

we will add this feature pretty soon , stay tuned 

I tried registering but I'm not getting any activation link email. What's wrong?

There could be a number of reasons for this. Your email provider is not allowing the email to be sent. Microsoft is notorious for this. We are working on it. You did get the email but it got filtered in your SPAM. Make sure to seach all your email for accounts@Snapytogether.com The email you entered had a typo in it. Just try logging in with your login and password you setup and it will tell you that your account is not activated yet and it will show you the email you entered and give you the opportunity to change it. If all else fails, contact us on snapchat and we'll help you